Master Bladesmith Wiki

The Store[]

The self-serve Store is a location accessed via a double door in the main area, to the left of the Time Chamber. Players can buy and sell materials, as well as purchase Armor and Mining Wash upgrades. More items are planned to come to the Store in the future.

Self-Serve Checkout[]

When you first walk in, you will see the Buy/Sell Scale directly in front of you with the Change Machine to the left. Upon walking up to the Scales you will drop your backpack to the right and a cash bag will appear on the left. The cash bag spawns with all the currency you have earned in the Time Room.

Buying and Selling Items[]

In order to buy items, you must place them on the right Scale Plate while putting coins on the left plate. The scales will tip if you do not have enough money on the left plate to pay for the items on the right. The needle at the top of the scales will give you an idea of how many more coins you'd need to add. Once it lines up, rotate the lever in front of the scales to purchase your items. You are then free to add them to your backpack. If you put more coins than you need on the scales, it will only take what is necessary.

If you desire to sell any items, you will also place them on the right plate. There is a switch on the front of the rotating lever in front of the scales that you can flip to change the scales to sell mode. Anything you sell will be removed from your inventory, so be sure you want to sell something beforehand.

Coin Exchange[]

The Coin Exchange machine on the left is great to use once you start having more coins than you can handle. It takes any coins that you dump into the top and can change them into higher currency if you have enough. If you flip the switches in the front of the machine, it will tell you how many coins you will receive of the indicated rank in return. If you want to have your coins returned to your coin bag, simply pull the brown wooden handle on the right side of the machine, and it will dispense them back into your coin bag. Any coins that are not in your coin bag when you leave the Store will be placed back in the bag upon your next visit.

There is a wooden scoop near the coin bag. By picking it up and pulling the trigger, it will scoop up any coins you run it across. This is useful for dumping large amounts of coins into the Coin Exchange Machine or onto the Scale Plates for purchasing items. Release the trigger to dump coins.

Mining Machine Upgrades[]

To the left of the Self-Serve checkout are upgrade books for the mining machine on 5 podiums. Turning these books to the page for the next upgrade rank and placing them on the Scales at the register will upgrade the mining machine to the selected level for the price listed on the podiums.

Crafting Materials[]

The area to the right of the Self-Service checkout are where most of the items available for purchase can be found. These include fletching materials, coal, potions, energy crystals, and Smithing Manuals.

Shopping Crate[]

The Shopping Crate Permit is available for 10 copper pieces. Once purchased, you are able to carry the crate through the Store and load it down with items instead of having to run back and forth loading up the scales with items by hand.


Coal is available on the small platform to the right of the register. Coal is required for smelting ore into bars and heating the bars before smithing them into weapon parts. They cost 1 rusty coin.

Smithing Books[]

These books are on the podiums nearest the scales. If you desire to craft any new weapons, you have to purchase the blacksmithing books. As such, it's suggested you buy the least expensive one as soon as you have the money to do so. They hold the recipes for smelting ingots and the diagrams for putting them together. You purchase them like any other item. Once purchased, you're free to place them in your backpack. They are stored in the bookshelf near the anvil in the smithing area. If you place the book on the stand over the Anvil it will project the recipes for ingots on the chalk board near the workbench. Please check the Crafting page for more info on the blacksmithing process.

Fletching Materials[]

Next to the books are the supplies for fletching and crafting weapon pieces. The types of wood available are limited to the most basic at the beginning of the game, but become much more varied with progress through the Time Chamber. On the other side of the fletching materials are lathe blades. In order to fletch arrow shafts and weapon handles, you need to purchase the appropriate blades for each item. To ensure you pick the correct blade, check the smithing books. The books refer to the blades by the 4 digits each blade is engraved with. Please check the Crafting page for more info on lathe processes.

Crystals and Consumables[]

Energy Crystals[]

The next few podiums have colored crystals on top of them. These gems power the mining machine which generates ores for your smithing endeavors. Since the mining machine is a timed process, these are items you will be getting familiar with and using a lot. One important thing to note, once the gems are spent, you can bring them back to the Store and sell the empty ones.


You're able to purchase potions here. The red ones recover your health, the yellow potions increase the speed of waves to clear them a little faster if you desire the challenge, and the white potion increases your movement speed.



Purchasing armor is one of the best ways to increase the amount of time you spend in the Time Chamber. It increases your defenses and lowers the damage you take from failing the obstacles. More armor will unlock as you progress through the Time Chamber. This includes Shields at the far end of the room.


You are able to purchase swords in the Store as well. The swords here are of middling quality, but your best bet for getting better weapons is to just make them yourself.