Master Bladesmith Wiki

The Smithing Area is the primary location the player will likely spend most of their time, right after the time chamber. It contains all of the tools necessary in order to create blades, bows, and arrows, excluding the raw materials used.


What most players first notice within the smithing area is the large Forge in the corner. The forge is the Fledgling Bladesmith's only way to produce metal ingots, using the crucible, which spawns on the table to the right of the forge.

In order to make use of the forge, the player will need to input coal into the chamber found on the right side of the forge. The more coal contained within the forge, the hotter the forge will become.

To heat up the forge, the player must rotate the crank controlling the bellow, located on the table to the left of the forge. This must be done after coal is input into the forge, else the forge will not heat up.

Over time the forge gradually decreases in temperature till it stops working, which can be helpful to preserve coal that isn't being used.

For information regarding use of the forge, please refer to the Crafting page.

Anvil & Smithing Book Stand[]

The Anvil and Smithing Book Stand are both located opposite of the forge, and are essential tools in the crafting of anything metallic.

In order to craft anything made of metal, the player must first heat an ingot (of the correct size for the recipe) in the forge. After the ingot has heated to a sufficient temperature, the player can use the Smithing Tongs to grab and place the ingot onto the anvil. A Smithing Book must be placed on the book stand and opened to the page of a desired recipe before the player can hammer the ingot. Once both the ingot and the book are ready, the player can hit the ingot with the Smithing Hammer located on the anvil in order to forge the recipe. Smithing isn't a fast job, and the ingot will take more swings depending on how large the outcome object is.

Cooling Pond[]

The Cooling Pond is located to the left of the anvil.

The cooling pond is used for reducing the temperature of any heated objects, including recently forged items, heated ingots, coal, and more. The cooling pond is essential in the forging process, as the player is unable to pick up a forged item with their hands till they have cooled it by placing it in the cooling pond using the smithing tongs.


The Lathe is a hand-cranked machine found facing outwards from the smithing area.

The lathe is used to create both arrow shafts, and blade handles. There is no way to purchase pre-made arrow shafts, so the player must buy wood from the Store and lathe it into arrow shafts by hand.

The lathe requires both wood, and the appropriate lathe blade for the desired recipe.

For more information regarding the use of the lathe, please refer to the Lathing page.

Fletching Table[]

The Fletching Table is located to the right of the Lathe, and is necessary for the crafting of bows. On the table spawns the Carpenter's Axe which is used to carve the appropriate wood into an unstrung bow.

The table itself isn't actually relevant in the crafting process, as the Carpenter's Axe can be used to carve wood anywhere. The table is only necessary as it's the location in which the axe spawns.

To carve a piece of wood, the player simply needs to chop the appropriate wood with the Carpenter's Axe at an angle, on the segments of the wood that is yet to be fletched; this results in an unstrung bow.

For more information regarding crafting bows, please refer to the Crafting page.