Master Bladesmith Wiki

Shields are considered by some to be the most important piece of armor in Master Bladesmith.


Shields are the main way to block arrows in the Time Chamber, being far easier than slashing arrows with a blade.

While the buckler is an exception (making it the smallest shield in the game), each shield's block radius (the size) increases progressively with the level.


Currently there is no way to craft shields, but they can be purchased in the Store for varying prices. Better shields become available to purchase as the player progresses through the Time Chamber.

Shield Statistics[]

Arguably the most important aspect about shields is their benefit to Armor Class. The higher the players Armor Class, the less damage they take when hit by an arrow or target in the Time Chamber.

Shields also have a durability statistic, although it has no effect in-game. Shields are planned to be breakable in the future similar to that of blades.

Each shield and its respective stats
Shield Image Price Armor Class Durability Radius Time Chamber Level
None N/A None 0 0 0 0
Crude Shield1.png 3r 10 5 22 0
Leather Shield2.png 4s 3c 1r 210 12 23 70
Hardwood Shield3.png 8g 1s 2c 505 25 25 160
Buckler Shield4.png 2p 5g 6s 2c 900 60 19 250
Bronze Shield5.png 5p 8g 2s 1500 120 26 340
Crystal Shield6.png 11p 1g 2300 205 27 430
Kite Shield7.png 18p 9g 3s 3000 300 41 520
Knight Shield8.png 29p 7g 3500 430 42 610
Mythic Shield9.png 43p 8g 4500 500 47 700