Battle exp

Can be earned from the time trial and is used for perk upgrades


  • Strength: Large HP Boost and reduced weapon durability damage
  • Stamina: Small HP Boost and increased HP regeneration
  • Dexterity: Automating Arrow draw (Pressing trigger instead of actually grabbing an arrow from the quiver) and catch radius
  • Agility: Player run speed
  • Resistances: Not yet implemented

Bullseyes Gains

Where 'tc' is you current Time Chamber Level and 'bullseyes' the number of bullseys.

For example :

  • At level 5 - you get 1 crude per 4 bullseyes
  • At level 300 - you get 1263 crude = 1.2gold per 4 bullseyes
  • At level 1000 - you get 39,496crude = 4 platinum per 4 bullseyes
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