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Materials are the basic building blocks in Master Bladesmith. They must be mined in order to be used to create new blades.

List of Materials[]

This is a down and dirty of the materials - will most likely add a table and some graphics of the bars later, but help is always welcome if you love this game like i do! -SirEdward1989


Ore comes in Tin, Copper, Nickel, Iron, And Titanium.


Tin is the essential building block of swords - all recipes (that i've been able to tell) are essentially composed of the blade component, which requires the higher quality metals, and the hilt, pommel, and handle - which require wood or tin.

Tin sells very cheaply.


Copper is the most important component in the early levels and, unfortunately, usually only mines at a rate of 1:10 tin. Upgrading the mining machine improves your chances significantly, even if only to level 2 - very highly recommended.

Copper is used up to the second smithing book entry "Pirate Sword" and using pure copper for the blade, which is the strongest possible sword you can make with pure copper for the blade - a required skill level of 75.

Copper can also be used for other components, but it would be a waste. You can sell this ore for a reasonable amount of money.


This is very rare ore compared to tin, usually mining 1:70 or 1:100 from the best I can tell. It also is required for high level recipes and will carry you many levels.

Nickel sells for even more than copper, but due to it's rarity it's best not to sell at all.


This is about as rare as nickel or perhaps just a little more, being somewhere between 1:100 to 1:150 mining rate as compared to tin. This ore is used in end game recipes along with the next ore.

definitely don't sell this.


This ore is only visible until the end game and with all the mining upgrades.

Don't even think about selling this.