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Also known as the "Mine Control Panel" or "Power Grid", the Fuel Gem Extractor is arguably the most important part of the Washplant, containing slots for up to six Fuel Gems to be placed to power the plant.

There is a table located directly opposite the Fuel Gem Extractor that the Backpack spawns on when approached.

Mine Control Mk I


Fuel Gems must be placed by hand in the designated slots on the Fuel Gem Extractor panel, found in the Washplant, and can be purchased from the Store. Each level of the the Mine Control Panel uses gems of a specific color. Which gems can be used is described in the upgrade book for the Panel, which can be found and read in the store.

Once a Fuel Gem is empty, the player can replace it by taking it from the panel and replacing the slot with a new gem.

Gem Slots[]

The Fuel Gem Extractor holds 6 slots for Fuel Gems to be placed. Only a single gem can be placed in each slot, and gems can be removed or placed into the slots regardless of their energy level.

Above the slots six horizontal beams can be seen which light up when a gem is placed in the corresponding slot below it. The brighter the light, the more energy is contained within the gem that the beam correlates to. Empty gems display the same beam strength as slots with no gem provided.


Above the light beams is 7 light bulbs representing the total time remaining till all the provided gems run out of power.

In order from left to right, the 1st bulb represents days, the 2nd-3rd represents hours, the 4th-5th represents minutes, and the 6th-7th represents seconds.

Removing empty Fuel Gems has no effect on the timer, however, removing Fuel Gems with energy will reduce the timer by the running time that gem would have provided.

Boss Keyholes[]

On the right side of the panel one or several keyholes can be found right below the name tag, the exact number depending on the level of the panel. As of now these do not have a purpose. It is rumored that bosses (to be added in a later update) will drop keys which can be used here.

Ore Selection Slider[]

Below the keyholes a selection slider can be found. The further the panel is upgraded, the more different ore types can be chosen, but only one can be active at any given time. The Washplant as a whole will then yield the chosen type of ore with an increased rate.

Overdrive button[]

Below the Slider the Overdrive button can be found. Once active the speed of the washplant as a whole is doubled, but fuel consumption will be five times higher as well. Overdrive cannot be deactivated manually. It will turn itself of after a certrain amount of time.


The Fuel Gem Extractor can be upgraded in the Mine Upgrade Area for an increasing price each level.

Each upgrade adds a type of ore that can be selected via the Ore Selection Slider but also requires more advanced fuel gems.

Level Cost Allows mining of Required fuel gems
1 Tin Green, Red
2 50 Rusty Coins Tin, Copper Red, Blue
3 10 Silver Coins Tin, Copper, Nickel Blue, Orange
4 20 Gold Coins Tin, Copper, Nickel, Iron Orange, Gold
5 40 Platinum Coins Tin, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Titanium Gold, Purple