Master Bladesmith Wiki

Coins are items stored in the Coin Sack, and are used to buy items at the Store. Each coin tier is worth ten times as much as the previous tier.

Description Worth in Rusty Coins
Rusty Coin
Lowest value coin.

Looks green and rusted.

Worth 1 Rusty Coin.
Copper Coin
Copper coin.png

Low-value coin. Looks

brown and rough.

Worth 10 Rusty Coins.
Silver Coin
Silver coin.png

Mid-value coin. Looks

silver and dirty.

Worth 100 Rusty Coins.
Gold Coin
Gold coin.png

High-value coin. Looks

golden and clean.

Worth 1000 Rusty Coins.
Platinum Coin
Platinum coin.png

Highest-value coin. Looks

silver and gilded.

Worth 10,000 Rusty Coins.