Master Bladesmith Wiki

Crafting Bows[]

Bows can be crafted at the fletching station (The bench next to the Lathe.)

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The staff of the bow is carved by hand with the axe tool on the workbench. Once you've carved the bow you need to bend it with the bowstring.

Bow Tiers provide higher damage as they go up. Without an upgraded bow, archery targets in the Time Chamber might take several hits to destroy in higher stages.

Bows and the Store[]

Bow supplies are on a table to the right side of the door entering the store.

The grades of wood are unlocked sequentially as you pass higher levels in the Time Chamber.

Parts Prices
Bow Parts Prices and Availability
Part Name Cost Coin Available at
Bowstring 5 RC TC Level 001
Alder Staff 20 RC TC Level 001
Walnut Staff 95 SC TC Level 200
Birch Staff 25 PC TC Level 350
Hard Maple Staff TC Level 700

Bow assembly Diagram.


Skill requirements for Bow and Arrow fletching by wood type.