Master Bladesmith Wiki

Crafting Arrows[]

Arrows can be crafted at the fletching bench. Wood must be purchased from the store. (The shopping crate will come in handy for this)

Each crafted arrow provides more than one arrow when finished. The number of arrows is dependent on your skill, with a maximum cap.

The necessary components to craft an arrow are as follows,

  • Arrowhead
  • Feathers
  • Lathed Arrow Shaft

Failure only occurs on the lathe step.

Arrow tips can be crafted at the forge, or bought in the store. Tips and feathers have no upgrades (currently)

Availability of Arrow wood.
TC LVL Wood Type
00 Alder
100 Elm
200 Walnut
350 Birch
500 Oak
600 Beech
700 Hard Maple

Arrow crafting skill requirements.


Diagram of how to create an arrow shaft.


Diagram of how to assemble an arrow.